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4 +1 Important Features of Live Agent

August 12, 2015

Salesforce Live Agent tool allows your organization to connect with your customers or website visitors in real time through a Web-based live chat. Customizing Live Agent for our customers, we would like to highlight four of the most useful features and one challenge.

1. Don’t lose your corporate style

Every business has its own specific needs including a unique corporate design. We help our clients to not only customize Salesforce features but let them save their own corporate style.

2. Keep your data safe

Using Live Agent, our customers facing same problem: crossing by internal pages they lose history. As a solution, we customize Salesforce Live Agent without losing any data. The customer has the ability to save history.

3. Help your team work smarter and faster

We provide knowledge-base integration so you can not only get a structured information about incoming leads, but depending on the issue, to send to the correct operator (based on professional aria or specialization). The operator can quickly reference the correct customer or lead history (it’s also possible  to see the lead’s ‘typing’ message before he sent a message). Your team can work faster and smarter.

4. Convert incoming leads to your customers

Integrated with your Salesforce CRM, Live Agent allows you to analyse incoming data. We help our customers to get maximum from incoming request in real time. The system helps to process incoming information (where did the lead come from) and using existing data to redirect a lead to the right operator.

5. CodeSWAT’s Challenge Issue

Customizing Live Chat, you would probably face with the same problem. Live Chat lets you know how a customer or prospect is engaging with your website. Customizing this tool we are always face with the same problem. Custom Live Agent opens a real time chat in a separate window. Most of our clients find this issue inconvenient. Writing a code line we embed a chat window directly into CRM. It gives our customers more usability.

Live Agent Feature CodeSWAT

We highlighted some important issues of Live Agent and defined a negative one. If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to help you!