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5 Important Features That Should Be Done By Salesforce

April 15, 2015

In discussing Salesforce Spring 15th Release in 1 and 2 parts, we distinguished the most important and profitable features of Salesforce. But we also find another side of useful updates, those features that should be done by Salesforce.

Here, we highlight 5 the most important features that are still in progress or need to be improved by Salesforce:

1) Bulkify Process Builder

Salesforce has launched a very ambitious and promising feature. Its main goal is to help administrators of organizations build complex automated processes without developers’ involvement in the progress. This fact wouldn’t keep the end users indifferent. But what we have today is just an algorithm that is created in the process builder that separately fulfills each incoming record. With this, when we need to add or update several records at the same time, we can potentially exceed data processing limits. If we carry out a simple business process which includes creating or searching related objects, we could be faced with a problem. There is a limit of concurrent update for more than 100 records. For resource-intensive business processes, the restriction could be even 15-20 records. This fact makes a process builder less effective. We can’t wait to see an updated version of the process builder which could give us an opportunity to process massive data.

2) Limit the Visibility of a Custom Button Based on Profile

In Salesforce, there is a limit in visibility of a custom button based on a profile. It would be an extremely useful opportunity to adjust the level of access to custom buttons and to have the opportunity to limit their visibility to a certain group of users.

3) Salesforce1 – Needs Ability to Convert Leads

Salesforce puts much attention to the mobile version of its classic CRM system. And it’s impossible to imagine Salesforce1 without such a feature like the Lead Conversions. As it was announced in the Spring ’15 release, we have already had this feature but in the beta version. Such improvement will be a nice gift from Salesforce. Can’t wait to test it!

4) Link a Single Contact to Multiple Accounts

One more important feature in Salesforce is the ability to link a single contact to different accounts. And it has appeared in Salesforce not so long ago. What we have today is a pilot version of this useful functionality. It will become available in Summer ’15 release.

5) Add a New Standard Field Type: Address

Currently, when creating on custom objects, we need to create simple text fields and store them in an address, without any validation or standard format. But better solution will be to use an address as a new standard field type. It is a must-have feature but we still don’t know when Salesforce can turn this into reality.

We observed the most important features that Salesforce will improve in the nearest future. As a team of Salesforce professionals, we think that any product should continuously develop and much of this progress has to do with simplifying our work as Salesforce users.

It would be great if you join us and share your experience. We are waiting for your personal opinion on those features that should be improved by Salesforce . Just contact us!