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It’s high time to ask for help or 5 Signs for Making Salesforce Technical Audit

July 15, 2016

There is no doubt that implementing the Salesforce with your own talent pool looks reasonable and cost-effective. Inescapable fact that there are companies successfully implemented Salesforce by their own. But, as a good friend of mine puts it, there are always nuances.

The tiny thing nobody  mentions is the required experts to make everything work. Undoubtedly, one can spend hours and hours well versed in the Salesforce and its solutions and get lackluster results or with the help of the efficient consultant transform various areas of your business including marketing, customer service, Community portals, CPQ and ERP. A competent consultant stays relevant to all the capabilities, new features and apps deployed to  build a comprehensive technology tailored to your business needs.

Here are 5 signs that holler you it’s time to enlist a technical audit:

Your user adoption is poor

Salesforce becomes a good fit  as long as it provides the valuable and trusted data to the employees and executives: inaccurate reporting and lost information will inevitably stonewall sales. There is always the reason for poor Salesforce adoption which undoubtedly  should be taken seriously considering the huge investment you’ve already made. A proper technical audit provides an opportunity to configure Salesforce properly once to make it cheaper and easier to upgrade and support it in future.

You are unsure that your systems work to the fullest extent

No surprise you want to get full ROI on Salesforce. In that case you should make the most of its capabilities and features. In case you maximize the functionality, you will be able  to streamline the areas beyond CRM such as configure-price-quote, marketing, customer service, etc.

In fact so far the core Salesforce products and a variety of apps in the AppExchange you’ve already acquired, do not always add  value to your original investment. It happens that even the license type downgrade can safe your company up to 50% expenses without any loss in functionality.

Your Salesforce projects aren’t getting done

Your employees are working on the verge trying to fix otiose custom coding or third-party app integration when the only thing is to be done is a proper configuration. In this case the technical audit accelerates your path by providing the expert view on best practices that should be implemented.  

You are not sure whether your Salesforce system is secure

The Salesforce CRM makes a lot of effort to protect your data. Several features and settings in applications to secure the sensitive information are enabled by default; others need to be set up by your Salesforce CRM administrator. So even a small  hesitation upon your system security becomes a strong point towards the technical audit.

You expect to expand your business fast

It’s no secret that Salesforce sets  limits on data, files and platform features. It is insignificant when you are dealing with small information contents. However, it becomes painful when your system expands, the amount of data grows and high loads befalls. One of the goals of the technical audit is to prevent potential risks, increase system stability and improve its performance.

In case you realize it’s time to make Salesforce work better for you, contact us  via and we’ll gladly answer all your questions.