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5 Things You Should Know Before Going To Dreamforce

September 8, 2015

Opting for Dreamforce, remember that you have us – those on whom you can rely on. Sell more at Dreamforce and we will take care of all your Salesforce resources. We have listed the top  5 reasons which will help you to benefit from Dreamforce 2015

1) You will get 100% focused development team

CodeSWAT team has worked for some of the largest and most complex Salesforce environments in the market today. CodeSWAT experts have worked directly for as contractors building their Help & Training portal for the past 4 years, as well as other projects

2) All CodeSWAT engineers undergo rigorous training in Salesforce products and best practices.

– We have PMO (Resource Managers who are responsible for resources allocation, processes and communication issues),

– Center of Excellence (Solution Architects, Technical Consultants, Lead Developers, who are responsible for code review procedure, trainings and quality improvement

3) You will easily find the right Salesforce resource and choose a working model that fits you well

You can choose any co-working options: dedicated teams, fixed price and time & material. Whatever co-working option you prefer, our team will focus on specific project requirements and provide high quality results.  

4) Respecting Customer process assets

At CodeSWAT we make sure that we establish a common understanding with our customer regarding all of the processes involved in our services. Starting with the kick-off meeting, we make sure that the customer is well aware and amenable with the processes. We can also flexibly adapt in cases wherein customers want to follow their own processes.

5) You will work directly with an Agile Team

At CodeSWAT we understand that requirements are changing every time and let our customers feel the flexibility on working with us by scaling and growing the team. We use Atlassian Products (Jira, Confluence, Bamboo).

CodeSWAT helps Salesforce ISV companies and current clients with Application Customization and Development, Integration and Administration, as well as conducting Technical Audits to evaluate security weaknesses, configurations and data use in their Salesforce instance.

Wanna try? Then contact us at to discuss your personal needs and how we can help you.