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9 Strategic Advantages of Mobile CRM

April 7, 2017

How competitive is your business? Are your field agents always available for communication with the latest data at their fingerprints? How about your retention and customer satisfaction rates?

If you want your business to stay competitive and thrive, you have to go mobile with your CRM. Here are some of the advantages…


Get a 24% increase in sales productivity with Mobile CRM installed navigation-2049643_1280on your smartphone. Go wherever the deal takes place and have instant access to key information. Access client data, create new contacts even if you’re offline, send price requests, communicate with the team via Chatter, offer better bids and close deals from anywhere.


Suitable Access

Salesforce takes into account user needs and provides two possible ways to access mobile CRM capabilities: as a downloadable app (from Play Market or App Store) or as a mobile browser app. With the latter, you don’t need to install anything. Decide on the most convenient way to access your mobile CRM and start delivering exceptional customer service.


Customized Solution

Mobile CRM does not restrict your choice of necessary customizations and business apps. Build new apps with drag and drop or choose from thousands already available on the AppExchange. Customize its look so its matches your brand identity and color scheme.

“75% of Fortune 500 companies are taking steps to deploy HTML5 mobile apps.” IBM Worklight 2014

Instant Case Management

Agents need access to information directly tied to their duties and responsibilities. With mobile CRM, you can access live sales reports coming from field agents. You can also track updates on cases, leads and opportunities in real time, and see your posts, files and @mentions. Set notifications whenever a new deal is closed. Support remote field agents and address any issue before it turns into a serious problem.


Improved Customer Experience

12Instantly update customer data and have a full picture of each user case. Quickly respond to any arising questions or concern with every single interaction stored in CRM. At any time and from any place you can provide your clients with the most comprehensive answers to their questions.

By using a mobile CRM solution, Coca-Cola managed to increase efficiency with a 60% reduction in time to onboard new customers and a 50% reduction in administration overhead for service technicians.


Sales Nurture

Real-time information lowers the probability of errors caused by the use of outdated or incorrect data. With all the necessary information right at their fingerprints, sales are no longer wasting time looking for contact information or trying to recall the latest case updates. More time is spent on meaningful conversations. With mobile CRM, you can expect revenue increases up to 41% per salesperson along with customer retention improvement of 27%.

“A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%”

Increased Productivity

Fast and easy access to necessary data allows your team to work more checklist-2023731_1280efficiently. Quickly resolved user cases allocate additional time for processing new queries. Moreover, it’s far less stressful. An agent is no longer afraid of missing any agreement detail or any other client’s data. You can increase productivity by 15%.


Shorten Sales Cycle

The latest information is the best guarantee that a client gets what they want. Offer the right goods at the right time and to the right people. Having access to data records, inventory availability, current pricing, and any other information significantly reduces the time spent on data processing and service. Enjoy a 9.9% increase in cash flow.


Increased Cash Flow

Faster delivery increases cash flow by covering expenses and adding fuel for further growth. Every single interaction with a client is under your full control directly from your smartphone.

By using Salesforce1 coupled with Service Cloud, The Bank of Cyprus managed to reduce administration overhead by 20% along with an 80% reduction in balance inquiry calls.


Mobile CRM with instant access to data is no longer something optional. This fully valuable and stable solution can greatly increase your sales team capabilities. Field agents, support team, sales and senior management all benefit from this powerful tool.
It’s time to be mobile! Before implementing mobile CRM, contact us. We’ll share all our best practices with you and answer any questions you might have.

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