We are a team of highly-trained professionals who specialize in Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.com software development. Since the foundation in 2011, CodeSWAT has been working with clients located in the USA, Europe, and Australia.

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With years of experience in helping companies develop and fine-tune their business solutions and improve their business process quality, we have created a business model that helps us find the right experts for your business. We believe that the selection process not only improves the trust between our clients and our organization, it also helps us understand the needs of our clients.


Commitment to quality with world-class standards is our main goal. In CodeSWAT, we combine a well-tailored Salesforce QA audit process along with innovative tools and methods to provide our customers with tangible results for business value. Starting from the requirement analysis stage, CodeSWAT’s QA team will test every interim deliverable to ensure that it meets requirements and specifications for that phase.


We conduct regular meetings with customers to ensure their utmost satisfaction on the project status and progress. CodeSWAT provides certified Project Manager Professionals and certified Scrum Masters. Our PMO (Project Management Office) oversees all the project management, statistics, and progress on projects. The PMO consistently monitors effectiveness and further development of project management processes.

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