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Building Innovative Apps with Lightning

August 5, 2015

Being the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM Salesforce continues to amaze us. July 28, 2015 in San Francisco Salesforce announced general availability of Salesforce1 Lightning Components and App Builder.

Lightning: develop engaging apps faster

In Part1 and Part 2 we already discussed the new tools of Salesforce1 Lightning platform. Working with the innovative platform we will highlight the uniqueness of building powerful tools with the help of Lightning Components and App Builder.

Lightning Components

Lightning Components is a UI framework for developing progressive web apps and devices. It’s a modernized framework for building single-page applications. It opens the opportunity to build dynamic apps for mobile and desktop devices with drag-and-drop tools.

Lightning Components CodeSWAT

Overcoming The “App Gap”: Leveraging Components to Build Engaging Apps Fast

Businesses wants connectivity, immediacy and ease of use that consumers experience using apps on their phones everyday. But delivering compelling business apps has become a bottleneck for enterprises. Gartner reports that “through 2017, the market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organization capacity to deliver them.” (Source: Salesforce)

App Builder CodeSWAT


Advantages: Lightning Components help company to save time and resources development, as well as reduce redundancy, by reusing components across different apps. Model-View-Controller architecture provides a modern framework for building apps fast and easy.

Lightning App Builder

Salesforce announced a general availability of Lightning App Builder. Using Lightning App Builder, anyone, not just developers, without writing a code, can create full applications with drag-and-drop components including objects, fields, reports, partner components, and page layouts.
Advantages: Lightning App Builder helps administrators and developers simplify the development process by creating custom App Pages for Salesforce1.

How Could We Help?

Lightning is the next generation of the Salesforce1. Salesforce1 Lightning tools help us to easily customize and deploy new apps for Salesforce ISVs and current clients. Are you planning to develop dynamic apps for mobile and desktop devices but have not enough time or resources? Don’t worry just contact us at and we will turn your ideas into reality!