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Call of Duty… What is call-tracking and why do you need it?

January 18, 2017

You’ve been working hard on your marketing strategy. You’ve gone through landing page optimization, created contextual advertising campaigns, and analyzed site conversion. But even with all this effort, your sales numbers are not increasing. Why is that?

There is one more area of your business that you should take a look at…missed phone orders. If you look at your call data, you may find that a lot of calls are not being answered. In this article we will discuss how you can leverage the power of call tracking to increase sales.

Call tracking and Salesforce

To kick things off, let’s talk about how call tracking and Salesforce work together. All phone capabilities are integrated into your Salesforce though CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration). CTI is your secret weapon for delivering highly personalized customer experience, which can lead to increased sales. mobile-1097232_1280

With every incoming call, client data connected to the phone number is automatically displayed to your managers, so they always have the right information to deliver the most personalized support.

Not only does call tracking allow you to listen and record sales calls, but it can also track traffic sources. For example, you can set up contextual advertising campaigns on different networks and track which source brings more phone calls. In addition, you can see keywords used by the caller as well as the pages they viewed on your website.

*For a more detailed guide on how to enhance customer experience through call tracking, check out this Customer Success Story.

Call tracking is also a good way to test the effectiveness of landing pages and help you understand which pages generate more calls. With this knowledge, you can increase traffic to these pages and work to improve those that generate fewer calls.

One last thing. Remember that call tracking is not a substitute for poor sales performance and less-than-stellar call center managers. But it really can help you in managing your advertising budget and increasing landing page optimization, which will gradually lead to more sales.

If you have any questions about call tracking with Salesforce, contact us! We’ll be happy to help.

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