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CodeSWAT Launches New Website and Blog

December 29, 2014

CodeSWAT aims to provide quality and affordable (SFDC) software development services for the European Market.

CodeSWAT, a application development company, has launched it’s rebranded new website and blog today.the leader in web & mobile design, online marketing and marketing automation cloud software for small-to-medium sized businesses. CodeSWAT aims to attract new customers with its redesigned website, customer testimonials, and developer blogs.

Since 2008, CodeSWAT has been helping companies power their business with Salesforce. The company aims to provide custom application solutions for organizations that are looking to enhance their SFDC implementation. CodeSWAT’s headquarters’ located in Belarus, with over 50 expert Salesforce-certified developers and engineers who can develop and customize Salesforce apps to fit the unique needs of an organization. The region where CodeSWAT operates is a part of the growing IT region in the Eastern European countries. Currently, the region ranks as the third-largest provider of IT services, next only to China and India. Big tech companies like Intel, Google, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, and Hewlett Packard have all invested in the region to bolster their nearshore IT workforce. Companies who are looking nearshoring IT processes and services prefer IT staff located in Eastern European countries because of the high quality of work, and better working conditions.

CodeSWAT’s new website features a scrolling home page that maximizes the exposure and readability of the website’s home page content. The website refresh also allowed CodeSWAT to fully showcase their complete list of services. With a detailed information about CodeSWAT’s services, customers now have all the information that they need to make an informed purchasing decision.