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CRM Tactics To Win Back Clients

May 2, 2017

Customer instability and retention is a constant headache for global marketers. But did you know that by simply utilizing your CRM solution, you can increase your chances of winning back previous clients? Here’s how…

There are many different reasons that companies lose clients – from bad or non-existent customer support to delayed deliveries and even steep discounts from competitors. Every company experiences customer loss to some degree. The key is to understand which customers are leaving and why.


Who is leaving?

Wave Analytics SalesforceIf you want to dive deep into customer behavior, look no further than Salesforce Wave Analytics.  It literally opens up a whole world of customer stories by logging every single interaction and storing it within Salesforce. Your task is to read each chapter carefully. What was ordered? From what source? How long did it take to process the order? By whom it was delivered? Wave Analytics is a great tool for meaningful insights on typical client behaviour. 


Why are they leaving?

Learn as much as you can from the data you have by identifying client pains and needs. This will help you determine exactly why they left. 42% of Americans will stop purchasing from a brand after two bad service experiences and 66% of customers change brands because of poor service. Maybe your business is understaffed and your field agents are not able to process and deliver so many orders. Take a look at Field Service Lightning – a powerful way to enhance your team’s productivity and customer service.


How can you re-engage them?

Pardot enables you to create and run personalized campaigns to reconnect with previous customers. Apologize and explain how you’ve improved your services since they left. Offer a discount, a free service or send a gift. You can even use the SwagIQ application designed for intelligent gifting right from Salesforce.


How can you prevent them from leaving again?

Once you reconnect, you need to make sure you are monitoring their likes, dislikes and basic buying preferences. Personalized content and great customer service will keep them coming back.

If you’d like more information on how to get the most out of your Salesforce CRM, let us know!

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