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Customizing Salesforce. Part 2: from N to Z

September 16, 2016

In the previous article we started introducing you to our ABC of Salesforce customization. Today we’ll proceed digging deep into the tangled world of notions to present you the comprehensive picture of this process.


N – .NET

.Net is a popular Microsoft’s framework which allows developing multiple mobile, desktop, and web applications. As long as it can be tightly and smoothly integrated with platform, do not miss a chance to get the most of it – as the list of Microsoft-related products seem to be endless!

O – Oracle

A lot of buzz  has been recently generated around Oracle+Salesforce issues, however, we are here to speak to the point. Oracle is a famous platform providing multiple applications, databases, servers, storage, and cloud technologies. We must admit that the integration between two platfroms never seemed to be easy but a set of tools including Oracle Cloud Adapter for services and a team of certified Salesforce experts will do their part.

P – Pardot

Despite the fact that the range of marketing solutions for Salesforce is ever expanding, Pardot is not losing its positions and still proves to be one of the most commonly used for Salesforce marketing customization. Users like it for convenient management of online marketing campaigns from one central platform. The most complex part of integration with Pardot makes the data synchronization, so set the right objectives and plan appropriately.

Q – QC

A lot has been said about Quality Control, but when it comes to real projects, it  is often underestimated. During QC process, all the important data and procedures are checked to ensure your custom apps & settings work properly.  Find more details in our recent article.

R – Reports & Dashboards  

No analytics can be done without these objects – fortunately, they are enabled by default in However, if you want these analytic tools work best for the specific departments or reps, customize them. Add some existing solution, such as FREE Lead and Opportunity Dashboards, or go with your own custom app for reports & dashboards enhancement.

S – Salesforce1

Salesforce1 is a mobile application consolidating all of Salesforce features in a user-friendly and mobile compatible package. What CodeSWAT suggests about its customization is to fine-tune it according to your branding – add corporate colors, logos, design patterns and make it recognizable among your clients and prospects.

T – Training

This notion doesn’t require complex explanations but the process itself can cause a bunch of problems.   After all customization is done, take care that your development and admin team, as well as end-users in sales, service, or marketing acquire the skills to work in the new environment.

U – UI

UI stands for User Interface which determines  how your page layout looks like and how it can be used. Using Visualforce or Lightning components, you can customize your Tabs, Links, Buttons, Navigation, modify existing design up to your taste, or brand your page.

V – Visualforce components

Proceeding with UI discussion, let’s make it clear what are Visualforce components. Any section of a page, a related list, or a field in a Salesforce framework named Visualforce, is a Visualforce component which is highly customizable and used for tailoring UI to your users’ needs.

W – Web services 

To put it simple, web services are application components. Salesforce Web services are Apex code that you display to the outside world used to convert complex business logic in an easily usable way.  From the other side, there are 3rd party web services which can be invoked by Apex code.

X – Xactly

Probably you’ve heard about Xactly solutions, as their apps are 5-star rated and top-commented on AppExchange. The tools include sales compensation planning, employee performance management, sales quota planning & management, to name a few, and not only customize your Salesforce business processes for aligned incentive compensation but also help you improve your overall performance.

Y – Youtube

Being one of the most popular platforms for reaching зrospects and customers,  Youtube can empower your customer experience  – just imagine: the half of all the Internet users visit Youtube every month. However, seamless Salesforce integration with Youtube is hardly possible without professional approach. Rating and commenting features can be implemented only with special tools provided by

Z – Zendesk

”Relationships are complicated.”  – says the official Zendesk site. So are they between Salesforce and Zendesk but their mutual integration is worth it – your sales and service reps will receive a clear vision of where their customers are and how to set up communication process with them.


If you have read this article and still in two minds about customization of your Salesforce ecosystem, this may be because of the complexity of your Salesforce instances. CodeSWAT have dealt with the trickiest custom functionality and ready to start changing your experience for better. Contact us and check out what will work for you!