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Deep into the Winter’16 Release. Part 1

September 16, 2015

Every season, we make a review on Salesforce’ updates and analyze new features. Now it’s time for Winter’
16 release! CodeSWAT, one of the leading Salesforce Expert in the UK and US, picked out 8 of the most attractive features and what else Salesforce should improve on. 

1. New Salesforce UI

Salesforce introduced its new UI. The new version has been designed with a modern and fascinating interface. The new UI updates has many key CRM tasks making it faster and easier to visualize important data to help you with a daily and monthly sales tasks. The CRM tool is the first product built on the Lightning platform.

What you should know about the new UI?

However, using the new interface, users are faced with some restrictions connected with the updated and innovative design. Salesforce promises to remove any inconveniences in the near future. What are they?

1. Salesforce warns us that the new UI has covered most of the existing functionality but not all of them. If you are using some specific features from a standard package, always be sure to check the availability of those features in the new UI directly by following this link.

2. There is a restriction in supported browsers. Those customers who use Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9 has to forget for a while about new Salesforce UI. Salesforce only supports IE customers starting with the 11th version. So, now that you are aware of these future changes, you still have time to adopt new measures to ensure browser compatibility.

2. Salesforce enabled the Lookup Relationship field for activities

Finally we’ve got it! You no longer need to choose which type of record is most important to activities. As it was announced by Salesforce that this feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

What you should know about the lookup relationship fields?

Feature that was announced by Salesforce about a year ago and now comes to every house. Salesforce allows to create Lookups from the other objects activities. We were really in need of this feature. Previously there was a need to store object relationships in the text fields. This approach limited using a Standard Salesforce and forced custom releashionship implementation. You can get more information about the new feature right from this link.

3. Updated Lightning Service Console

The updated service console comes along with the new Salesforce UI. The console has become better, more appropriate, and what is more important it gives developers an opportunity to customize it bigger and better. You can learn more about the new feature right from this link.

4. Create 150 Percent More Roll-Up Summary Fields per Object

The amount of acceptable roll-ups fields has increased 2.5 times! It’s a great news for those users who actively uses roll-ups for codeless data aggregation. As it was announced by Salesforce this feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. You can get more information about the new feature right from this link.

Each release Salesforce brings us, expect more innovations, powerful tools, and features – just as we do in CodeSWAT. In our next release article, we will continue reviewing the  Winter’16 Release. We will highlight all the positive and identify all the negative aspects of the upcoming updates.

We hope you find this article on the new Winter ‘16 release useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment or email us at Thank you for staying with us!