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Delivering Quality Service to Customers: The Inside Process

April 22, 2015

At CodeSWAT, we pay significant attention to quality and the way we deliver it to our customers. Being a Salesforce partner in Product Development, we have a complete understanding of the quality deliver process. We use the multi-factor approach, which considers the following aspects of quality:

1. Respecting Customer Process Assets

We make sure that we establish a common understanding with a customer regarding all of the processes involved in our services. We have a special questionnaire that we ask our customers to fill up to help us define the process requirements. On the kick-off meeting, we make sure that the customer is well aware and amenable with the processes; and that these processes are exactly what the customer expects. We can also flexibly adapt in cases wherein customers want to follow their own processes.

2. Code Quality

Based on our best development practices, Salesforce recommendations, and vast experience, we built a set of CodeSWAT Code Guidelines. We created a Center of Competence wherein our Salesforce architects prepare new documents, test and provide code reviews on the projects. Furthermore, we at CodeSWAT conduct a recurrent procedure of Code Review. Our specialists use FishEye and Crucible for process automation. We have also designed an Eclipse plug-in for the Code Guidelines Control.

3. Tools and Technologies

CodeSWAT utilizes industry leading software project management, testing and support tools like GIT, JIRA, Confluence, Selenium, Jenkins, Tidy, among others. We also apply best practices to the entire product development lifecycle such as having an Apex code coverage above 85%; Continuous Integration using Jenkins or Bamboo and Change Management. We also use Salesforce Security Scanner before delivering code. Whenever there is an integration project with a third party system, we use Burp and ZAP scanners.

4. Project Management Guidelines

CodeSWAT provides certified Project Manager Professionals and certified Scrum Masters. Our PMO (Project Management Office) oversees all the project management, statistics and progress on projects. The PMO consistently monitors effectiveness and further development of project management processes.

5. Defining customer expectations

To ensure that the project progresses as expected, CodeSWAT takes the following measures:
– Deliver work according to the scope and schedule;
– Control estimate process and actions in cases when time spent exceeds the estimate and provide proper documentation to go with it.
– Focus on quality that the CodeSWAT team provides such processes in Proper Risk and Procurement Management.

6. Quality of Development Processes

We ensure that all processes are defined and documented in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards as well as driven by ISTQB best practices. In addition to the general processes, we implement guidelines for deployment, delivery, and use of source control.

7. Customer Feedback Loop

We conduct regular meetings with customers to ensure their utmost satisfaction on the project status and progress. We pay special attention to any questions or comments from them, and adjust processes according to their feedback to improve every aspect of their project.

The winning combination of having a thorough approach and a diversified package of services allows us to build processes from scratch and implement end-to-end Salesforce solution testing successfully.

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