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Do I really need Project Management?

August 18, 2015

Our customers are usually interested in the development process control, how to accelerate the development process and meet deadlines successfully. At CodeSWAT, we advise involving a Project Manager from the earliest stages of the project. The main goal of a project manager (PM) is to ensure that projects meet and exceeds expectations and to also control the development process at each and every stage. Why is it so important?

3 Main Challenges You May Face With During the Project

Challenge 1. Communication is a key

When working with a software development partner, communication is a key. A Project Manager controls the process of communication between the contractor and the service provider.

CodeSWAT best practices: Typical best practices of a CodeSWAT Project Manager includes:

– Monitoring the effectiveness of the current and subsequent development stages,
– Creating detailed descriptions within milestones,
– Conducting regular client meetings,
– Creating status reports on a regular and consistent basis.

Even if a client has their own PM, we strongly recommend to add our PM in case there are more than 2 developers in the project – as it will help the team be more productive as well as reduce time and money spent with miscommunication. A PMs’ role is to be able to proactively predict possible weaknesses in a process and push a the project to succeed without wasting time or losing money.

Challenge 2. Quality of Development Process

Delivering projects on time and with quality requires the emphasis of complete process control. By process control we mean the involvement of a Project Manager whose main goal is to ensure that projects meet and exceeds expectations as well as control the development process at each and every stage.

CodeSWAT best practices: We ensure that all processes are defined and documented in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards as well as driven by ISTQB best practices. In addition to the general processes, we implement guidelines for deployment, delivery, and use of source control.

Challenge 3. Define Project Expectations

Delivering a project on-time is a result of thorough planning. Is it important to define on which stage the project is at the moment, how many hours to complete it and which resources are needed to meet deadlines.

CodeSWAT best practices: At CodeSWAT, we make it a point to define expectations right from the very beginning of every project. Here are the critical expectation points that we cover and prioritize:
– Scope of work and timelines
– Process controls and proper documentation for scenarios that fall outside the scope of work
– Critical methods that deliver quality such as Proper Risk and Procurement Management

How to Start

Adding Project Management in a project will not only get you additional resource but more importantly ensure quality and process control. The CodeSWAT Project Management Office oversees all the project management, statistics and progress on projects. The PMO consistently monitors effectiveness and further development of project management processes. Do you want to try working with us? Then don’t hesitate and book a trial project at