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Dream Team is What You Really Need after Vacation

July 29, 2015

Summer vacation is almost coming to an end and for most of us, this is the busiest time ever. The main problem that you will face is that your partners and customers have returned from vacation, and would want to see their projects completed. It will probably require more resources just to finish the project on time. But what if you don’t have enough time for hiring and trainings?

Will it Work For You?

Time is a crucial for any IT business that is why at CodeSWAT, we have created a business model that helps businesses find the right professionals without losing resources. We help Salesforce ISV companies and current clients with Application Customization and Development, Integration and Administration, conduct of Technical Audits to evaluate security weaknesses, configurations and data use in their Salesforce instance. Our business model will work if you’ll need a Salesforce specialist in one or two weeks. Does it sound good?

3 Simple Steps To Get Your Dream Team

  1. Tell us about your company
  2. Choose the delivery model that works for you (onsite, offsite development, nearshore development or choose your own dedicated team)
  3. Get a Salesforce certified specialist and start working on your project.

We believe that the selection process not only improves the trust between our clients and our organization; it also helps us understand the various needs of our clients. We appreciate your time and could offer you to escape the hiring process, take the a development work upon ourselves and let you focus more on marketing and investigation. You will no loner need to take care of social benefits and payroll taxes.

Every CodeSWAT’s developer and administrator are certified by Salesforce and can easily join your team onsite. There’s no need to spend extra money on trainings and certificates. This process will take two weeks maximum, so you can be sure that your project will correspond to your expectations.

Do you like our model? Than, please, don’t hesitate and book a trial project at