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Expert’s View on Winter’16 Release. Part 2

September 23, 2015

In the Part 1 we picked out 4 of 8 the most attractive features and what Salesforce should improve in Winter’ 16 release. In this new post, we continue to make a review on Salesforce updates and analyze new features.

5. REQUIRESCRIPT No Longer Executes JavaScript On Page Load

Salesforce changed the way custom JavaScript buttons and links work when they use REQUIRESCRIPT. The REQUIRESCRIPT resources aren’t included in the page until the user clicks the custom JavaScript button or link. At first sight it may seem that this update is not so important and it’s hard to imagine how many conflicts it has created at the front end stage. Starting from the Winter’ 16 release custom button script on the Standard interface will be loaded only after a click. You can get more  information about the new feature right from this link.

6. We’ll see more “Process Builder” usability

We have already highlighted 5 important features that Salesforce should improve. Usability of  the “Process Builder” was among them.  Starting from Winter’ 16 release, Salesforce continued optimizing “Process builder” and turning it into a useful and modernise feature. Anyway, It’ s pretty early to talk about full triggers replacement, but Salesforce made the first steps. It’s still possible to go out of boundaries, but now it’s not that easy. You can learn more about the features changes by following the link.

7. Debug Apex Code in Eclipse

Hmm..In our work we have frequently use Sublime and Atom. But debugging is very cool! You may have to configure Eclipse again … But no. If you carefully read the phrase ‘Some services and subscriptions include the Apex Debugger for an extra cost. For pricing details, contact your Salesforce account executive’ the desire to put the Eclipse suddenly disappears …Start learning about this feature right from here.

8. Reorder Your Batch Jobs in the Flex Queue Programmatically

This feature can be a number 1 favourite among administrators and developers. Batches in a queue is a big problem, especially when they are too long and the result of standing in the queue easily reorder the job batch you wants now. Now you can change task priority in the queue. Hooray! More about this feature availability.

We observed the most important features of Salesforce Winter’ 16 release. As a team of Salesforce professionals, we think that any product should continuously develop and much of this progress has to do with simplifying our work as Salesforce users.

It would be great if you join us and share your experience. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment or email us at Thank you for staying with us!