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Get Ready For Winter 16 Release

September 2, 2015

At the end of August, Salesforce announced the key dates of Winter 16 release and promises to bring 150 new features. Traditionally at CodeSWAT, we highlight the key dates of the upcoming Salesforce release.

How to Prepare for Winter’ 16 Release?

With the Winter 16 release is yet to come and Salesforce got us prepared for a new release season. If you still haven’t had a chance to look it through, then here are the latest 9 Key dates of the Winter’16 release:

August 27th – Release Site and Release Notes are available

You can get the full and updated version of the Release Site and Release Notes. Also, you can download a Winter’16 release preview right by following this link ( and make sure that you know everything about the key release features.

September 3rd- Join a Salesforce Team to Discuss how to manage the new releases

To join the team just register for New Releases: Mastering Your Readiness Strategy Webinar.

September 4th- 11th – Sandboxes upgraded

Check out an article about the Winter ‘16 Sandbox preview which gives you all the opportunities to take part in the Sandbox preview. Salesforce warns that your Sandbox must be active on a preview instance by September 11, 2015.

September 25th First Release Weekend

At the first release weekend Salesforce, any customers on NA1 gets upgraded.

October 6th -7th Release Readiness & Feature Adoption

Salesforce Product Management team will be discussing and demoing the new features live. You will have a chance to see how Winter’16 release features work in real time.

October 9th – NA6, NA7, NA8, NA9, NA17, NA18, NA22, NA28, NA29, NA31, NA34, EU5 gets upgraded

Check the upgrades on the Trust Page

October 16th – 17th- The Final Release Weekend

All remaining Salesforce systems will be upgraded over this weekend.

Later in October – Release Training available

Release training will cover the key features and get us up to speed on what’s new. Follow the Release Site to track the availability of the release training.

At CodeSWAT, we are always on the track of new trends. We hope you find this guide on the new Winter’16 release useful. We have identified the most valuable dates and resources for you. If you want to know more, please feel free to leave us a comment or email us at

What’s next, you may ask? As a team of experienced Salesforce professionals, we are always on the look out for the latest updates. At our next post, we will highlight the most significant features so we can help you derive the most benefit out of Salesforce. Thank You!