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To Hire or Not To Hire?

April 29, 2015

We would like to highlight a hiring process from an employer’s side. How many steps does an employer have to pass to hire a good one? And is there any alternative way to get talented, creative, and articulate people who will be the best fit for your company without overpayment?

Every employer knows that a hiring process is rather expensive. There are many factors which turn this process into a big routine. We could estimate how much time, taxes will the employee cost to a company. And what about the cost of sickness and legal fees or red tapes?

Time is a crucial thing for IT business . Steps and risks that every employer should take into consideration:

1) Recruiter’s bonuses for each successful employee
2) Working place
3) Employment contract
4) Payroll taxes
5) Social benefits
6) Infrastructure
7) Oriental session
8) Paid vacation
9) Paid sick time
10) Trainings and Salesforce certificates

If a candidate does not meet your expectations you could also lose time and money. In some European countries Terminating Employees is extremely complicated process. You need to take into consideration some social criteria such as seniority, age, and other dependants.

What if you need a candidate, let’s say, in 1 or 2 week?

CodeSWAT is a company of professionals. Having 5+ years of experience in helping businesses improve deployment, we have created a business model that helps us find the right professionals for your business without losing resources. We appreciate your time and could offer you to escape hiring process, took a development work upon ourselves and let you focus more on marketing and investigation. You will no need to take care of social benefits and payroll taxes.

Every CodeSWAT’s developer and administrator are certified by Salesforce and can easily join your team onsite if necessary because of our nearshore location. So, you don’t need to spend extra money on trainings and certificates. This process will take two weeks maximum, so you can be sure that your project will correspond to your expectations.

Hiring is always a difficult and important activity, especially in a rapid growing IT business. It’s time to consider using independent contractors and grow your business without overpayment.


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