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Increase Sales with the 5 Best AppExchange Apps for Sales

January 5, 2015

Hitting your desired sales targets is a sign of every business’ turning point. It’s where everything from manufacturing
to marketing comes together to make an actual return on investment. What business wouldn’t want more sales and profits? For most of the businesses we’ve encountered, sales is an elusive metric that escapes even the most skilled marketers.

To that end,’s Appexchange offers a treasure trove of sales tools to help businesses establish a stable sales program. In this article, we’ll share with you 5 of the best Appexchange Apps to help you improve your sales results.


SteelBrick is an all-in-one app that ensures a more accurate quote based on key product and client information. A working Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) application can help users improve accuracy and improve productivity. Steelbrick is an application that handles the functions of prices and quotes, proposals and contracts, orders and renewals. Steelbrick is marketed to help users create a guided selling process. Steelbrick is 100% native to which only means that it shares the same higher-level security and simplified interface that has. Currently, SteelBrick is being developed for mobile applications built on the Salesorce 1 platform.


A lot of sales opportunities are lost over the complexities and requirements of having a signed document to secure the sale. DocuSign changed all that by enabling users to sign or send documents for signing. People can use any device at any time and documents signed using DocuSign are valid all around the world. DocuSign documents are compliant with U.S. ESIGN Act, U.K. Electronics Communication Act, as well as special regulations with other organizations such as FDA, IRS, and FINRA.


Take your business to the fast track by using FinancialForce. FinancialForce takes accounting automation on an entirely different level by providing automation on billing, invoicing, accounts receivable, and pending task for applications built on the platform. FinancialForce is one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications on AppExchange.


Marketing Automation is critical to creating a modern marketing funnel with velocity. Pardot enables companies to score the buying behavior and online activity of prospects and customers while sending them tailored content and messaging to drive them from awareness to sale. If you’re trying to find ways to increase your pipeline while having your sales team focus only on the most qualified leads, Marketing Automation is the answer.

Cirrus Insight

From one of the software ecosystem’s most recognizable brand comes an all-in-one application that bridges Salesforce with other apps like Gmail, Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Office 365, and Outlook Web Apps. Users can instantly create leads, contacts, opportunities, and activities straight from Gmail. Users may also save emails and attachments from Gmail to Salesforce with a simple touch of a button and relate to any object in Salesforce.

These applications can greatly enhance how your sales statistics are defined. CodeSWAT’s custom development service tailor-fits these powerful applications to optimize their functions for your unique business needs. For more information about CodeSWAT’s custom development service, please visit our services page.