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IT trends for 2016. Are you ready?

December 10, 2015

More Demand for Cloud Professionals

“In 2016, IT must prioritize the progress toward transforming the organization to be “cloud-first” to enable the expansion of digital business initiatives that are agile, scalable and unpredictable.” – say Gartner analysts in their 2016 Planning Guide for Cloud Computing and Virtualization report.


Bitglass survey of 92 CIOs and IT leaders supports this claim. According to  IT Priorities for 2016 report, the majority of CIOs who took the survey plan to foster a cloud-first strategy for enterprise applications in 2016.


Along with the above-the-average projected increase of IT salaries and next-generation development talent becoming a scarce resource, this means it’s high time to make sure your development resources are enough to satisfy the increasing demand for your cloud-related services. How do you avoid missing out on opportunities? Consider CodeSWAT developers as a safety net.

CodeSWAT Solution

At CodeSWAT we have a team of 75+ Salesforce-certified seasoned developers and administrators with all the benefits of full-time employment.

Our focus is to help Salesforce Development Companies save time and money when they need to scale their teams to meet the demand for their services. Skip the hassle and costs of hiring and employment, but gain quality development talent at affordable rates. And best of all – the teams we provide are scalable. There are several engagement options you may choose to optimize your spendings.

CodeSWAT developers have enough experience to take up and complete large and complex projects from A to Z. Due to the local culture and the prestige of IT careers in Belarus, we are equally enthusiastic about minor tasks, which may seem boring to your in-house developers. Segment tasks as you see fit to maximize productivity of your in-house and CodeSWAT teams.

Make sure you’re well-staffed in 2016: contact us today at to discuss you needs.