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Lightning: The Power of Rebranding Part 2

June 10, 2015

In the past, Salesforce launched innovative Lightning tools to simplify the development process. To further highlight Salesforce’s features, we made a comprehensive research of the Lightning tools available. On Part 1, we discussed the new tools of Salesforce1 Lightning platform. In this new post, we continue to review useful Lightning updates of Salesforce.

Lightning Shema Builder

Lightning Shema Builder is a perfect tool to visualize and extend your data model. With the help of the Shema Builder, you can quickly and easily add new objects, fields and set up relationships with quick and simple point and click motions.

Interesting Fact: Lightning Shema Builder is a rebrand of Shema builder.

The main aim of the Schema Builder is to improve and simplify the function of design, implementation, and modification of a data model or schema. Lightning Schema Builder’s features include the ability to :

  • Add custom objects
  • Lookup relationships
  • Master-detail relationships
  • Display all custom fields except Geolocation

With Salesforce’s Custom Success portal, working with the Schema Builder is so much easier not only for developers. Creating a custom field is also simpler with a few simple steps.


Lightning Process Builder

Lightning Process Builder is a brand new workflow tool that helps a user quickly and easily automate business processes without writing any code.

Interesting Fact: Lightning Process Builder is a rebrand of Visual Workflow that has a simple and improved interface. In the Summer’15 release, it’s Generally Available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Edition.

We define three main features of the Lightning Process Builder:

1) This tool has a simple and intuitive interface for business processes;
2) It doesn’t require specialized knowledge of an Apex programming language, which makes it easier for administrators and business analysts to adapt.
3) Compared with Workflow Rules, the Process Builder has much more usability options and performs new prospects, including:

– Call an Apex class
– Update a lookup record
– Update related (child) records
– Update a picklist field dynamically (vs selected value)
– Create a record
– Post to Chatter
– Submit for Approval


Summer’15 release notes allow us to see the Process Builder in action, complete with detailed process descriptions.

Hints to improve: Of all the existing means of automation business processes in Salesforce, the Process Builder does not match the functional characteristics of Visual Workflow, but wins in usability.

If you are planning to use the Lightning Process Builder as your main resource for automation, you have to do a detailed analysis of the whole process. You can learn more about the Process Builder from the developers’ portal.

Lightning is the next generation of the Salesforce1. With Salesforce1 Lightning tools, you can easily customize and deploy new apps for mobile devices. These innovative tools are developed for partners, developers, and business analysts to make building apps, data integration, and business automation processes lightning fast and easy.

We hope you find this article on the Lightning Salesforce1 platform useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment or email us at Thank you for staying with us!