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Nearshoring: Is It Good As It Sounds?

April 7, 2015

If we look at the IT market today, we can see that outsourcing is rapidly losing its reputation. Lack of communication, time difference, and the fact that nobody wants to take a risk when it concerns time and money.Compared to outsourcing, nearshoring has a significant advantage: transferring business to a lower cost organization within its own region not only saves time but ensures all important processes are under control.To show you how effective this business practice is, we identified five of the most important nearshoring facts for you.


Nearshoring Advantages

Skip the hiring process

Hiring is a routine process. By working with a nearshoring company, you don’t need to spend extra time and money on searching and hiring staff, payroll taxes, social benefits, infrastructure, and multiple layers of project management. You just get highly-skilled certified professionals that are ready to start working on your project as soon as possible.

Proximity and Time Zone

Working within the same time zone gives you complete control of IT processes and real-time results. A team provided by a nearshoring partner can easily join a customer’s location and the process will not take much time.

Get complete control

Nearshoring gives you an opportunity to work on your terms, giving you complete control of your IT projects and rapid results. You can also scale your team size and resources while working on processes that fit your business needs. As we all know, a discrepancy between the two leads to less control of the project.

Cultural Affinity

European software specialists have similar cultural and business values, speak fluent English and could easily be part of your onsite team. Belarus is situated in the region that currently supplies the third-largest IT service export. It is also known for its hardworking and disciplined employees with a strong technical background.

High Standards and Quality

Every competitive company should focus on providing world-class standard services. All Salesforce developers have to be certified, in the same way as quality assurance specialists also have to pass all ISTQB exams. These attributes create customer confidence in the quality of services delivered.

Our Story

CodeSWAT follows the nearshoring model. With our years of experience in helping businesses improve deployment, we have created a business model that helps our clients find the right professionals without losing resources. We strongly believe that thorough process selection is key to building trust with our customers.


Do you want to know how to reduce costs working through nearshoring? Send us your requirements at and we will be happy to show you how it works!