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Preparing for the new Lightning Experience

October 14, 2015

Over the past 16 years has brought innovation to simplify  the daily business routine. Having worked with the innovative platform for more than 7 years, we would like to highlight the New Salesforce Lightning UI and share our thoughts about the Lightning Experience. 

Lightning Experience: the highlight of the Winter’16 release

We can say without any doubt that the Lightning Experience is a thorough complex of well designed features, and contains:

  • Experience: Modern user interface optimized for speed.
  • App Builder: A drag-and-drop technology for fast and easy app building & customizations.
  • AppExchange for Components: Leverage over 50 partner components in the App Builder.
  • Design System: Style guides and modern enterprise UX best practices to build pixel perfect apps.

Deep into the new Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience is the name for the all new Salesforce desktop apps, with over 25 new features built with a modern users interface and optimized for speed. After the announcement of the Winter’16 release, a lot of customers were worried about the new changes related to the new user interface.

After the Winter’16 release, Salesforce allows customers to use both systems: “Salesforce Classic and Lighting Experience”. And it is up to you what kind of app design to use in your organization. Salesforce develops the product to simplify our work as Salesforce users. In spite of this huge technological step, it’s still early to talk about a complete transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience.

A few Salesforce instances are not configured for various user categories. Of course, if you have a lot of custom logic on your org, a Salesforce Classic is a must-have, and you will not be forced to move to the Lightning Experience.

How to prepare for the changes?

Getting ready for the changes we had the same worries as most customer. Considering the fact that the new interface has a number of limitations, new and existing users were interested in issues of support and creating functionality in their organization. Salesforce users worry that Lightning Experience won’t support Visualforce.

As you add more UI customization, you consider whether to create it using Lightning Components or Visualforce pages. Lightning is optimized to work on mobile and tablet devices and in the new Lightning Desktop experience. However, this is not the case with the Salesforce Classic experience at this time.

Note: If you want to build something that needs to work in Salesforce Classic, you must build it with VF today. If you want to build something that only needs to work in mobile or in Lightning Desktop, you can build it in Lightning.

At CodeSWAT we help our clients with both options: to adapt and develop Visualforce pages and Lightning Components.

The winning combination of having a thorough approach and a diversified package of services allows us to build processes and implement Salesforce Lightning UI solutions successfully. Book a trial project with CodeSWAT for one or two weeks by simply contacting us  at and we will be happy to assist your needs.


Next week we will shine some light on why users don’t have to fear the Lightning Experience limitations.  Stay tuned.