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Salesforce for startups

October 14, 2016

Forward-thinking startupers are always on a search for strategic ways to develop and enhance processes within their young business. If you are among them, undoubtedly you need a CRM system to streamline every process efficiently: from your customer relations to communication between your employees. A platform with intuitive interface covering features that you cannot even predict seems to stand in good stead for you. In this article we’ll try to explain why Salesforce CRM is the perfect match for your startup.

Salesforce Overview

To begin with, let’s outline  Salesforce software advantages that keep it  ahead of rivals. The platform is driven by business intelligence, social insights, and campaign management. That  allows your business to boost sales, create better marketing experiences, strengthen customer relationships, and improve internal communication. The solution is fully functional in mobile version and all the processes are up and running just per couple of clicks. The array of possible integrations is really amazing: starting from document generation and electronic signatures to corporate chats and social media.

As soon as you’ve come up with a great idea to start up and got investment for it, it’s time to set up your sales funnel: leads generation, winning more opportunities and keeping your startup going! That’s where Sales Cloud come into play.


  • Sales analytics. When you starting up, a lot of time and effort will be spent on optimizing sales pipeline, defining the right company size and prioritizing company goals. Without prompt and comprehensive analytics, you will never know how much time you’ll need for different processes, tasks, and prospects. With standard and custom reports as well as dashboards, you’ll get consolidated statistics on productivity from different clients. For advanced analytics, check out our recent article featuring Wave Analytics.
  • Mobility. Salesforce’s mobile apps can help you organize your tasks, plan your schedule for the day, take notes from an on-site meeting, update Salesforce records, and close deals all from your phone. You can run your entire sales operation faster and smarter right from your phone.
  • Lead management. Standard and custom functionality for lead generation and nurturing is ever expanding but as a startup you should focus on the key players. To estimate and grade your leads, go with marketing automation, implement a powerful tool like Pardot and prioritize your leads to get to the hottest ones.

After you have converted the first leads into opportunities, the game doesn’t stop. The more valuable solutions you provide to your customers, the longer they stay with you. Service Cloud is there for you to support, help and train existing clients. Don’t forget about your employees: they also need a constant assistance and knowledge transfer.


  • Salesforce Knowledge . A new company is always all about tons of new information distributed across departments. It comes as no surprise that after sharing it splits into multiple versions. In this case, Salesforce Articles come in handy to avoid disambiguation and reduce data overhead.
  • Snap-insmobile-friendly, personalized, seamlessly integratedwhat else do you need for a customer relation management solution? It integrates some of the useful Service Cloud features – such as two-way video chat and tap-to-callright into your smartphone.

When you starting out  to forge your links, do not overlook Community Cloud and make a step ahead to reach to your clients, partners and employees.


  • Salesforce Communities – the main advantage you’ll appreciate right from the start, Communities are highly personalized. You’ll get directions on which groups to join, which content to follow, and which people to connect with to build meaningful dialogues.
  • There’s no feature better expanding your Community than Salesforce Chatter – a messenger, an idea exchange platform, and feedback gathering tool – all in one!

What else will work for you

  • Multiple integrations with apps and popular software
  • Robust AppExchange offerings easily installed in Clouds
  • A little training needed to pull it off
  • Lead conversion from emails, social media and website and a lot more actions – per one click

After all, if you are keen on user-friendly design, intuitive interface and cloud-based solutions, then is something that you have striven for. Your sales, marketing, support and even IT reps would find it effective to install a suite of above-mentioned features and improve user engagement, streamline business processes and handle everything within single environment.

If you’re still in two minds about bringing into your organization, check out this amazing guide from Salesforce or contact us to start your journey toward customer success!