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Salesforce Lightning in Q&A

July 7, 2016

Last year, a new Salesforce Lightning was unveiled and rapidly created buzz.  An intuitive user interface, breathtaking design, and the powerful functionality made it tempting for the majority of customers. However, the newest version of beloved Salesforce (or Salesforce Classic, as it is called now) is still going through an iterative process that leaves a lot of consideration before implementing it in  business procedures. So, let’s have a closer look to the questions you should answer before crossing over to the Salesforce Lightning.

How do you marshal Salesforce at this moment?

Some of the key features of Salesforce Classic are still not yet available in the current release of Salesforce Lightning. According to the Spring ‘16 release contact roles, account and sales teams can’t be set up yet. Some of these features are being added in the Summer ‘16 release so, you should make sure to read the release notes for the details whether the features essential for your business are currently available.

Another thing is that not all APIs have been updated for Salesforce Lightning, as a result  some of the applications working together with Salesforce may be in conflict with Lightning. To check whether the app is Lightning ready, visit the App Exchange.  Besides,  current customizations of your Salesforce may not be relocated to  Lightning.

Is User Experience important for you?

Just a cursory inspection suggests that the Lightning interface provides an appealing and more intuitive user experience than the classic one which is the Salesforce. Indeed, the interface customization has become easier than the “drag-and-drop” features of information into your pages and reports. The interface also provides users a consistent experience between desktop and mobile. Moreover, Lightening user experience is key to ensure technology adoption and ads to ease of training new Salesforce users in your organization.

Are you ready to move forward?

While following the release pattern of the Salesforce it becomes vivid once the major focus is placed on the Lightning. New Salesforce Clouds, like Financial Services for example, have been released with the Lightning Experience interface only and easily integrated with the Classic. It is important to emphasize that, the process of transferring the whole business to the Lightening can be unpleasant due to some technical aspects as well as adjusting to the new user interface, but the result can be truly glittering. There is no doubt that  Salesforce Lightning is going to be a more intuitive evolution of Salesforce than we have ever seen before.

Do you possess technical talent pool to ramp up on the Salesforce Lightning?

Before we go any further, your development team should be armed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technical skills. JavaScript frameworks like Bootstrap come useful as well.

To sum up, before implementing Salesforce Lightning in your systems you have to  make sure the Salesforce Lightning is the right bill for your business. In that case, our team can help and provide an advice and solutions for you. Besides, if there are the blanks in your talent pool  CodeSWAT’s experts are here to fill it up. Being a Salesforce PDO partner we are eager to help you develop a plan to migrate Lightning Experience quicker and easier. Make the first step and contact.