Salesforce Technical Audit Package will help your company evaluate the security weaknesses, configurations, and use of data in Salesforce. Maximize the opportunities for your business with the Salesforce solution.

to get a chance of getting the most out of your Salesforce solution
Scan the application for architecture defects

Salesforce Architecture could be originally incorrect or inconsistent which significantly limits Salesforce scalability. The system could also contain unnecessary custom coding or third-party app integration when all you need is simply smart configuration. Once properly configured, Saleforce solution will be much easier and cheaper to upgrade and support.

Get recommendations for optimization

Salesforce offers multiple license types for any business size, with different terms of usage and various functionality, so it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits your needs and requirementst. Sometimes, license type downgrade can reduce company expenses by 50% without functionality loss. Get to know how to optimize your Salesforce solution and save money.

Exclude the potential risks associated with the Salesforce limits

Salesforce is a cloud platform with limits on data, files, and platform features. They seem noteless when the company deals with small amount of data, but could encounter challenges as the system expands, data accumulates, and occasional high loads occur. Elimination of the potential limit risks increase system stability and proactively improve system performance at peak loads.

Get the weaknesses analysis in the security system

Though the Salesforce platform offers a layered sharing model that provides the right level of data access to various types of users, companies often use default sharing settings organization-wide. However, with the company’s growth comes the necessity to secure sensitive data from specific group of users. To avoid severe security problems, we strongly recommend to configure access to data beforehand.

Designed especially to

Analyze and optimize Salesforce Systems deployed more than 3 years ago

Learn how the Salesforce System could be improved and identify which best practices should be implemented

Audit your Salesforce System before ordering CodeSWAT Technical Support Service

  • Analysis of the system’s business requirements.
  • Investigation of the data model and class structure.
  • Investigation of the desired separation of data access.

Deep understanding of the application processes and business rules.

  • Application architecture and code audit for compliance with Salesforce standard.
  • Defining whether the set of user licenses correspond to the system functionality.
  • Identifying potential limitation risks and means of optimizing limitations.
  • Identifying defects of data access separation.
  • Analysis and conduction of automatic Security Check.
  • System optimization analysis in the context of the latest version of

Defining architecture errors, security vulnerabilities and potential limitation risks.

  • Security optimization plan
  • Performance optimization plan
  • Reliability optimization plan

Plan for the system architecture optimization.

Optimize your solution
to maximize your investment in Salesforce

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