CodeSWAT engineers know every bit and corner of Salesforce. We owe our experience to successfully completed projects of different scales. Use your in-house development resources to complete your ongoing projects better and faster.


Buy a package of pre-paid support hours and you’re free to use it for any support requests. Our service is not limited by the number of your clients that we can serve. Service conditions are described in detail in the Service Level Agreement that takes effect once you purchase a package of pre-paid support hours.

Benefits of Pre-Paid Salesforce Support Package
Fast Assistance

Save time on search and negotiations. When a problem occurs, just post a support ticket.

Better rates

Competitive rates with extra discounts for bulk purchase in advance.

Guaranteed resources

No need to factor unexpected problems into your workflow.

Consistent workflow

Your development resources are not distracted from ongoing projects.

Competent support team

Our team has the cumulative shared knowledge of hundreds of projects.

pro-active approach

We solve issues before they become a problem.


CodeSWAT offers several Salesforce Support Packages depending on the workload. Try us with the 40 hours package for one month, and if you like having your support issues taken care of (we’re sure you will), consider a one-year subscription to our support services.

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