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Wave Analytics – Fresh Look on Data

August 15, 2016

This time we would suggest you to read an article about Salesforce Wave Analytics platform. This piece of writing might be useful if you’ve already decided to implement it in your ecosystem or still in a brown study.

Up-to-date information is one of the key components to the success in today’s fast moving world. That makes savvy leaders invest in various Analytical tools to provide their organization with the competitive advantage.  As demand begets supply, so provides the solution to satisfy this growing necessity. In this article we’ll try to give a deeper insight into Wave Analytics – the analytical tool from beloved Salesforce.

Saleseforce Wave Analytics Platform Overview

To put some clarity into the notions, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud is an online engine for analysis. It automatically plugs in data from Salesforce CRM apps and work with it. On top of the Analytics Cloud stays the Wave Analytics Platform. It is about hosting specific applications produced both by Salesforce and third parties. Two Salesforce-produced Wave applications exist so far. One is Sales Wave Analytics, the other is Service Wave Analytics. Sales Wave Analytics has been designed for the Sales Cloud to help the sales team increase visibility, discover new opportunities and track the records that enables the growth of your business. Service Wave Analytics offers a refreshing way of checking the case trends, agent efficiency and channel optimization for the managers. It should help to reveal pains of the organization and take actions on the changing information.



Benefits of the Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform

Being a part from Salesforce ecosystem, the Wave provides an opportunity see your Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data like never before in constantly updating dashboards, reports, and charts. Among the Platform benefits the following must be mentioned:

  • Security.
  • Speed searching while accommodating big data.
  • Almost endless scalability. Virtually no data sets are too massive for Wave to address.
  • It is cloud-based.
  • Smartly optimized for mobile devices. Sales professionals, customer support and marketing teams who rely heavily on their smartphones and tablets can get the applicable data on the go.

It is essential to notice that Salesforce partners are able to use Wave as the foundation to package up their own custom analytics apps e.g. an app on Wave to provide business executives with visibility and insights into the full customer lifecycle – from quotes through contracts, orders, revenue and cash – all in one system.

Being on the leading edge of delivering solutions based on Salesforce Analytics Cloud CodeSWAT recently integrated Wave Analytics Cloud into the ecosystem of the consulting company catering for healthcare and social care solutions based on the Salesforce Platform. This experience  along with a strong background in BI ,Big Data and ERP will help us to integrate Wave Analytics in your organization’s ecosystem in the most efficient way.

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