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Spring ‘17 Release. What’s new?

March 26, 2017

Every new Salesforce Release is jam-packed with features that help your business become more efficient and client-focused. The new Spring ‘17 update is certainly no exception. With the addition of even more Artificial Intelligence, Salesforce strengthened its position as the leader in the CRM market.
We’re highlighting the best of the Salesforce Spring ‘17 update in this post. Tip: you really need to switch to Lightning Experience to get the full benefits.


Lightning Experience Migration

Salesforce’s Lightning Experience is offering more and more lucrative features. If you haven’t migrated yet, now’s the time. The “Lightning Experience Readiness Check” makes it super easy to evaluate the overall condition of your organization. However, you’ll probably want to consult with a professional to determine if your key features and customizations are ready to migrate. (If you need help, the CodeSWAT team is certainly available.)


Artificial Intelligence

Last year, Salesforce acquired a record number of companies that focus on AI and machine learning technology. The Spring ‘17 Release proved just how these acquired technologies worked to enhance the platform.

Take the new image recognition technology, Einstein Vision. This is nothing but a set of APIs that bring image recognition to CRM. This technology empowers developers to build awesome AI-powered applications that can identify photographs and provide details such as brand, cost, and availability in store. Einstein Vision is another huge step in delivering an exceptional customer experience along with a better understanding of customer preferences and buying habits.




Effective collaboration is key to running a successful business. Salesforce already offers several tools to collaborate, including Chatter, SalesforceIQ, and Communities. But when it comes to collaborating over documents (in the same way you work with Google docs), Salesforce had nothing to offer. With Quip documents, your team is able to create, access and link documents right in Salesforce. This helps your entire organization stay aware of the latest sales and opportunities.


Sales Cloud

Sales reps will definitely appreciate Automated Activity Capture – one of the new features in Lightning Experience. It allows a sales team the ability to see every single interaction with a client directly in Salesforce. No more logging into Google or Office 365 to access necessary information.  

You can also manage team processes with the new Kanban view visual layouts. Select the fields on which to create columns and summaries to have a more detailed view of leads, contracts and campaigns.

kanban salesforce


Service Cloud

With clients getting more and more demanding, you have to be ready for communication wherever and whenever they want. Stay connected via Salesforce LiveMessage and communicate via the most popular messaging apps, including SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Take a closer look at the Field Service Lighting iOS app if you need to be more connected, even offline. Core features include assignments view, connection with Salesforce to reach necessary information (orders, contacts, addresses, etc.), signature capture, Chatter, and a knowledge base to help you deal with the most tricky cases.

field service lightning app


Marketing Cloud

Your marketing efforts should be as efficient and as precise as possible. Krux, a Data Management platform, extends the possibilities of the Marketing Cloud. With Krux you can capture consumer data from any source or device (CRM, commerce, mobile) and make it available for analysis. It enables you the ability to create more relevant advertising, personalized content and an exceptional customer experience.

Your success with Salesforce depends largely on the solutions and features you’re currently using. The above mentioned features are just a sampling of some of the new updates available in the Spring ‘17 Release. Contact us to get a detailed consultation on best practices and what updates will work best for your organization.

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