A Call-center softphone on Salesforce Service Cloud with CTI integration to optimum service delivery to the Customer

The Customer is a direct-to-consumer insurance company, the leading Russian provider of online retail financial services operating through a high-tech branchless platform. To streamline and maintain its insurance policy selling processes, they selected Salesforce as the interface platform for the call-center manager.


Previously, the contact center and Salesforce were separate entities, which made it difficult and time-consuming to track calls or create reports. The Customer needed a better way to manage outbound and inbound calls. They also needed the ability to record calls in order to reduce the time it takes to type detailed notes for training purposes.


The CodeSWAT team developed and implemented a Call-center softphone on Salesforce Service Cloud with CTI integration that ensured optimum service delivery to the Customer. The solution involved the following:

  • A smarter softphone screen pop up for better and faster service. The calls show up in the Salesforce interface and let agents manage their calls without ever leaving the CRM screen. The agent can leave short notes connected to the call right on the softphone pop-up
  • A Salesforce record is created for every contact so that agents can add disposition codes, notes, or other details.
  • Automated case creation in response to incoming calls
  • Automatic outbound call list generation per call-manager’s tasks based on call cycle, call outcome priorities and manually scheduled appointments
  • Automatic search in softphone for appropriate contact based on caller’s phone number and demands
  • Call recording technology that provides deep insight into conversations.

CodeSWAT also developed reporting services with visibility into contact center operations. The company can now track the number of calls made and track the conversion rate through  Salesforce. The Customer can now better predict the number of representatives needed to cater to the number of calls assumed to be handled per day.


The solution helped improve the overall management of the Customer’s call center operations, boost its business, and achieve the following benefits:

  • Superior agent performance
  • Better call management
  • Optimum service delivery
  • Improved support efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction

The simple, elegant softphone interface enhanced call-agent performance by providing all operational controls and key information when the agent needs it, and automatically hiding it when the agent doesn’t. With the improved agent experience, Salesforce natively-built Call-Center application, customer service, and the customer experience was enhanced.