Salesforce Solutions Enablement

Enablement of new Salesforce solutions as well as the reorganization of the current ecosystem


The Client is an English luxury fashion house with a distinctive British sensibility and strong international recognition


The Client was looking for a custom Salesforce solution and a reorganization of their current business ecosystem.


After a thorough research of the client’s overall business logic and needs, CodeSWAT organized all sales and marketing functions within Salesforce.

Because the Client manages marketing campaigns for millions of users all over the world, they needed a tool to make their email marketing strategy more transparent and the approach more personalized. To achieve this goal, ExactTarget was implemented by using custom scripts.

Using Hapi framework, the CodeSWAT team leveraged node.js application to enable automated multilingual intellectual translation into nine languages. To facilitate an easy lead registration process, a business card scanner integration was added that made it possible to gather information from business cards, parse it and create an account in Salesforce.

CodeSWAT also added a new voice media solution through the Salesforce Service Cloud. This allowed the Client to enhance the efficiency of their call-center by recording incoming and outgoing calls. Also, Live Agent and Facebook integration made it possible to react instantly to website inquiries and social media messages.
Finally, a custom application was developed using Radian6 to help the HR department distribute policy updates, resolve HR cases and act as an internal portal for all communications and media distribution needs.



The solution provided by CodeSWAT provided the Customer with the following advantages:

  • The ability to send event-triggered communications to increase sales, optimize marketing investments, and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Perfectly translated email messages thanks to voice media integration.
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels.
  • Real-time reporting in Dashboards/Accounts/Leads in Salesforce.