A full-featured Salesforce Community website with double-ended integration between Salesforce and Magento

The Customer is a leading makeup company based in the UK. The company provides both online and in-store purchases.


The client needed an online portal with an account registration page on Salesforce to allow customer the capability to book a make-up artist. Seamless integration of Magento with Salesforce was vital as the customer’s clientele exceeded 100k. The data was to be integrated in Salesforce to provide reports and detailed analytics.


The CodeSWAT team developed a full-featured website with double-ended integration between Salesforce and Magento. The Client was able to run reports in Salesforce using aggregated data. To automate and streamline the Customer’s payment process, a Card Payment Processing module was also installed.


The solution implemented by CodeSWAT resulted in a 37% increase of the portal usage along with the following benefits:

  • An intuitive clickable interface
  • Detailed analytics about the clients’ behavior
  • Reports creation based on aggregated data
  • An automated streamlined payment process