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Summer’ 15 Release: What’s New?

May 27, 2015

Every season, we take note of new Salesforce updates and analyze new features it provides its customers. CodeSWAT team is always on the cutting edge of Salesforce upgrades which gives us the ability to provide innovative solutions to our customers. Now that the Summer ’15 Release is here, we picked out 5 of the most attractive features and let you know why they are important.

1) Manage Customer Data with Data Pipelines

Salesforce Platform Data Pipelines are a new set of tools that help developers and administrators to keep up with the challenges of the increasing scales of customer data, also known as Big Data.

Pipelines help users engage customers and build data-driven applications. With Data Pipelines, you can harness the power of custom Apache Pig scripts on Hadoop to process large-scale data.

Data Pipelines pilot users in the era of Apache Hadoop on the platform, allowing highly scalable batch processing, transformation, and understanding of customer data.

With Data Pipelines, Salesforce presents a new and useful update: error logging which helps when jobs don’t execute and it’s available via the Tooling API. This feature can be found in the job run information in the Dev Console.

Notes: Data Pipelines are available in pilot version. Salesforce provides this feature to customers who require agreement to particular terms and conditions. You can join the program by contacting your account team or Salesforce Customer Support. To learn more, you can download Data Pipelines Implementation Guide for free.

Advantages: You can easily build data-driven applications. Availability to process large- scale data stored in Salesforce.

2) Convert Leads to Contacts (Generally Available)

In our blog last month, we reviewed features that should be done by Salesforce. Among the must-have features we identified is the ability to convert leads. In the Summer’ 15 release, Salesforce finally gives sales representatives the ability to convert qualified leads to contacts, and also create accounts and opportunities. This enhancement is available in all versions of Salesforce. Isn’t that great?

Advantages: Ability to easily convert leads which is available in all Salesforce versions.

 3) Analytics for iOS

Analytics for iOS enables users to add data with the Wave Mobile iOS Connector. You can create and edit dashboards from data sets on your mobile device. This feature also supports Apple watch. With analytics, you can quickly analyze data on your mobile device.

analytics iOS

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Advantages: Support for Apple Watch. Easy to add a data, create and edit dashboards, quick return to Salesforce1. 

4) Editable Chatter

Finally, Chatter that’s easier to use. More flexibility, more usability! Now, users can easily edit their own feed posts. Aside from the ability to create posts, users can also comment and edit records feeds. Record owners can edit any post on their records, no matter who created the post. Administrators can edit posts and grant editing rights to specific individuals. Check out this table which contains full information about features availability.

Salesforce chatter edit

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Advantages: Any user can easily create and edit any record.

5) Lightning App Builder (Generally Available)

Lightning App Builder is an innovative tool that simplifies the development process. With the Lightning App Builder, you can easily create custom App Pages for Salesforce1. It’s a perfect tool for administrators and developers which can accelerate the whole development process. You can create applications with a declarative tool, and each page can be better customized to each individual org.

Salesforce lightning app builder

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Advantages: Lightning App Builder helps administrators and developers simplify the development process by creating custom App Pages for Salesforce1.

Each release Salesforce brings us more innovations, powerful tools, and features – just as we do in CodeSWAT. In our next release article, we will shift our focus to the Salesforce1 Lightning platform. We will highlight all positive and identify negative aspects of the Lightning platform.

We hope you find this article on the new Summer ‘15 release useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment or email us at Thank you for staying with us!