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Talking About Deadlines

July 14, 2015

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Seems like a never ending cycle so how well do you and your team manage the deadlines of your own projects?

In most cases, deadlines have a negative meaning that encompasses stress due to poor processes and limited time and resources. As a Salesforce development company, we’ve dealt with hundreds of projects and thousands of deadlines over the last 5 years.

We did the research on our own processes and wanted to share with you our 3 main methods that have helped us meet deadlines to deliver successful Salesforce projects for our customers and their business.

3 Approaches That Can Help You Meet Deadlines Successfully

1. Quality and Project Control

Delivering project on time with quality requires the emphasis of complete process control. By process control we mean the involvement of a Project Manager whose main goal is to ensure that projects meet and exceed expectations and control the development process at each and every stage.

Typical best practices of a CodeSWAT Project Manager include: monitoring the effectiveness of current and subsequent development stages, creating detailed descriptions within milestones, conducting regular client meetings and creating status reports on a regular and consistent basis. As a result, the PM is able to proactively predict possible weaknesses in a process and push a project to success without wasting time or losing money.

2. Leverage Customer Feedback

Needless to say, communication is a very important part of meeting deadlines. Establishing a common understanding of the processes involved, documentation and two-collaboration will only strengthen the delivery of quality services. It’s a very important fact, especially when working with a software development partner.

At CodeSWAT we have a special questionnaire of 5 to 10 questions that we ask our customers to complete. This enables us to create a Development Guideline document which serves as a framework to better define process requirements, reconcile deadlines and exceed customer expectations. In cases where customers want to us to follow their own unique process, we also have the flexibly to adapt. Next, during the kick-off meeting, we always make sure that customers are well aware of the process; and that these processes are exactly what they expect.

3. Define Project Expectations

At CodeSWAT, we make it a point to define expectations right from the beginning of every project. Here are the critical expectation points that we hold important to cover:

– Scope of work and time lines

– Process controls and proper documentation for scenarios that fall outside the scope of work

– Critical methods that deliver quality such as Proper Risk and Procurement Management

Meeting deadlines successfully is a result of thorough planning, hard work, common experience, customer feedback and a deep understanding of customer needs. The winning combination of having a thorough approach allows us to build repeatable, yet flexible processes to implement end-to-end Salesforce solutions successfully.

How To Start?

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