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Top 5 Dreamforce Revelations

October 17, 2016

Every autumn thousands of people flock to San Francisco to participate in Dreamforce – Salesforce’s customers conference. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most expected events in IT sphere. I would say a huge, if not to say gigantic. Just imagine 170 000 participants registered their attendance. That is around 15% of the whole San Francisco’s population!

Let’s see what is the scoop introduced by Salesforce to define the tendency for the next season.

The keynote of the whole conference is, unsurprisingly, how Salesforce helps you become the better version of yourself, showing new and effective ways for sustainable career and business growth. Here we gathered 5 most useful innovations, presented at Dreamforce 2016.

Let your business be smart as Einstein

The most thrilling announcement, of course, is Einstein. It was presented as the first and comprehensive AI (Artificial Intelligence) for CRM. The idea to predict customers’ behavior is not new, however, Einstein is promised to be the world’s smartest CRM due to its technologies: customer data collection, Artificial Intelligence, and Salesforce Platform. Einstein is not a separate platform, it is already integrated with Sales Cloud and every Salesforce application. Data will be collected and integrated into customizable AI models. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But bear in mind that Einstein operates only in the Lightning experience.

Lightning your experience

One more interesting renovation that touches Lightning, a new component called Lightning Bolt –  a tool which accelerates the creation of customer experience. The platform itself got a number of features to increase productivity: improved search function as well as navigation bar and an App Launcher. Bolt solutions are designed on the Salesforce so that your every interaction with a customer is always captured in Salesforce CRM.

Commerce Cloud

Commerce cloud is another solution from Salesforce announced during Dreamforce conference. Being a part of Customer Success Platform, Commerce Cloud allows companies to deliver highly personalized experience reaching customers through various channels: the Internet, mobile gadgets, social networks, and even in-store. It looks like a must for those who want to improve customer service delivering 1-to-1 tailored services. Commerce Cloud is already integrated with Einstein CRM and one-touch checkout Apple Pay.

Efficiency with Quip

Quip is a well-known application to boost productivity and efficiency, providing live editing, comments, and notifications. Salesforce purchased Quip in August 2016 and made it  possible to get the access to Quip living documents from your Salesforce account. Moreover, one can use Salesforce Rich Mentions in Quip documents, so you can be more productive using it on any gadget.

My Salesforce1 Mobile Application

Mobile application is an inevitable tool for businesses that want to be closer to their customers. A rebranded version of mobile Salesforce1, My Salesforce1 Mobile App has really great functionality and usability. The innovation presented at Dreamforce 2016 is more than necessary for any business which has an application: now My Salesforce1 allows businesses to create their own mobile apps so it can look exactly as company’s extension.

Day after day technologies and innovations change your life, making it more effective and productive. Stay tuned and find your unique recipe of success. With CodeSWAT you can be sure in a smooth and fast implementation of any application available on Salesforce. Send us your comments and questions, we want to hear your feedback!