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Welk Resorts turned to CodeSWAT for a solution that can streamline business processes and boost employees efficiency. To reach the outlined goals CodeSWAT team offered to enhance Salesforce document flow by Conga Composer, DocuSign, Lead Management System, Omni‐Channel. The delivered solutions allowed the Client reduce significantly the amount of time an agent spent performing on contract management from hours to minutes.

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Since 1964, Welk Resort Group has been operating a number of upscale vacation home properties in the United States and Mexico. The client had been previously using a software designed for shared-ownership resorts, but with the business continually growing at a rapid pace, they needed a more robust solution and decided to switch to Salesforce CRM. Welk Resort Group was looking for a reliable partner to boost employee productivity by improving current Salesforce system and CodeSWAT has proved its ability to meet these business requirements.


CodeSWAT performed a deep‐dive into the business processes of the hospitality industry in order to understand how Salesforce could work best for the client. Close communication with stakeholders allowed CodeSWAT to define expectations, outline future goals, and work closely with the Welk Resort Group team.

CodeSWAT aggregated large amounts of information directly into Salesforce. The team then implemented Conga Composer – an AppExchange solution for optimizing CRM processes required to interact with customers, conduct business and maintain compliance. The Conga Composer solution enabled dynamic one‐click generation of the documents package right into Salesforce.

Another task was to streamline the process of document verification. This was facilitated by integration with Docusign – a compliant digital signature solution. As a result, the need to upload and download docs for signing was eliminated. CodeSWAT also helped to customize the process of attaching Products to Opportunities according to the client’s business logic.

The next step was Lead Management System integration. Our team implemented a tool for managing leads in real time. A number of rules – like lead sorting according to language, availability to talk on the phone, and more – were implemented. The tool provided an overview of the lead history as well as an agent’s side notes.

An Omni‐Channel solution allowed the assignment of tasks, including cases, chats, or leads, to the most qualified, available agents in the organization. The Salesforce Sales Console boosted productivity. It provided agents with a tool for cultivating leads, closing deals, and managing relationships faster than ever before. As part of the solution, a user‐friendly Calendar for the the agents was implemented to help plan and perform their calls.

Also, the UI was developed with the Salesforce Lightning Design System.

“CodeSWAT is a competent group. From an account management perspective, they’ve been very willing to find terms and an execution structure that was mutually agreeable.”
Senior Director of Program Management, Welk Resorts


  • Salesforce optimization reduced the amount of time an agent spent performing contract management from hours to minutes.
  • One‐click dynamic generation of documentation was developed with DocuSign.
  • Enhanced overall process of approving a purchase, closing a sale, and signing an agreement.
  • Lead Management System implementation has helped cases close faster than ever before.
  • Customer support has become more client‐oriented and the customer satisfaction rate has increased.

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