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What can Salesforce do for real estate?

October 20, 2016

We bet you’ve heard about Salesforce at least once in your life! And most probably you’ve heard about various solutions offered for sales and service industries, but have you heard about the solutions for real estate? Probably not, so sit back and enjoy your journey into the Salesforce world for real estate industry. Are you ready? Here we go!

Incessant calls from clients that are changing their decisions several times during the day, unscheduled meetings, and the avalanche of paperwork can drive crazy anyone. Sounds familiar?
Salesforce CRM enriched by real Estate apps from the AppExchange gives you an opportunity to:

  • Have a total control of each stage of the sales cycle: from an offer to a closing – everywhere from any device;
  • Manage all your leads in one place;
  • Provide personalized group marketing and follow-ups;
  • Build workflows to automate client communication without losing the personal touch;
  • Manage agent’s activity through AppExchange Apps.

To make the process vivid here is the story of success from Jessica Grey, a real-estate agent.
Jessica Grey has been working in real estate for 8 years. She knows the ropes and has a way with different people. Year by year there was only one thing bothered her: there are only 24 hours in a day. A lot of time was spent in vain: to answer an email and then shift to contacts of the smartphone, after that to change meeting time in the schedule. Ineffective and irritating! One day Jessica’s boss noted the sales have been declining during last 6 months. After a wholesome research he found out that ⅓ of the business time is spent on everyday routine so he decided to take serious actions against this waste. And that is how Salesforce appeared in Jessica’s life.

Miraculously she opened a new world of functions and opportunities: Sales Cloud which allows to have comprehensive information about clients, Service Cloud which helps deliver personalized customer care. Apart from it Jessica uses highly customizable REthink CRM that is developed for the needs of real estate business.

So now Jessica manages all her contacts, conversations, and transactions in one place. It’s not a problem anymore to close more deals, have a full control over business processes and be a real superwoman. As for now, Jessica’s boss is thinking of mobile application with integrated Einstein artificial intelligence – one of the most promising Salesforce’s innovation for doing the business in a smarter way.

Instead of conclusion

Sometimes there is no promised miracle after the full Salesforce implementation. To avoid waste of time, money and efforts, find experienced and proven Salesforce team that makes everything right from the very beginning. Contact us and we will tell you about all possible pitfalls you can face during its implementation and provide all possible assistance for successful Salesforce operation with any additional service or application. Grow your business with Salesforce!