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What does it mean to be Salesforce Product Development Partner?

August 22, 2016

While talking to our clients we often face misunderstanding when mentioning Salesforce PDO Partnership. In this article we would like to tell what PDO is and how it can benefit to your product development.

What is PDO?

PDO is a shorthand from Product Development Organization. It stands for the Salesforce Partner Service Program and represents a wide spectrum of consulting partners and vendors with expertise in building apps on They can also provide such valuable services like training, funding, marketing, selling or customizing your app.

Super-Hero-Dubai-Mall-3Product Development Organizations normally can architect and design your commercial app, tackle specific areas of your build (like third-party integrations), or fill in the blanks in  your own development talent pool.  Some PDO’s are efficient in helping partners with navigation through technical issues, deployment business automation, billing, and other complex processes.  

To become a Product Development Partner one should know inside out: have considerable experience of successful architecting, designing, building, and launching apps for the Salesforce AppExchange. Salesforce grants this status to the selected partners with a strong track record in developing solutions for ISV partners and businesses as well as developing and launching their apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

I can’t but mention that Salesforce set quite strict requirements for its PDPs. First of all, it is about the specializations. They are gained by achieving good results in projects development, success stories, references and certifications. The thing is that  the provided information should be up to date – no older than the 18-month period.

Secondly, the partners should provide the proof of their expanded knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem  by means of passing certifications.


What are the benefits of engaging  with a PDO partner?

Salesforce is all about the quality of the services they provide. Therefore, they expect the same attitude from their partners as well. Working with with the PDO minimizes the risks of getting the work poorly done, reduces inefficiencies, increases the quality of your app, and speeds up your time to market.  

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