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What is a Salesforce System Health Check and Why Do You Need It?

December 13, 2016

Have you ever heard the saying that you have to take care of you before you can take care of anyone else? That advice should also apply to your organization. Before you can take care of your clients, you have to take care of your business.

One preventative action you can take to improve your company’s overall health is to schedule a regular checkup for your Salesforce solution. Is it healthy enough to operate at 100% capacity? Are there any areas of weakness?


Why you need a System Health Check

An annual System Health Check can help your organization avoid system damage and data loss. It can also enhance the overall performance of your Salesforce solution. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to a System Health Check:


Let’s say you’ve been using Salesforce and Sales Cloud to cover the needs of your organization for the last two years. Suddenly, you start to notice that something is wrong. You start experiencing data loss, incorrect metrics and other issues.

What could be causing these problems?

  1. The data is being sorted without limits or through a weak filter. As a result, you’re starting to exceed the Salesforce 50k limit. This will cause an error when you try to create or edit data in Salesforce. Even worse, you could have a mistake in asynchronous operations that results in missing data.
  1. Processing large amounts of data can lead to incorrect calculations. In this case, you need to convert your data in asynchronous operation and calculate via batching which allows for the processing of more data.

Accessibility and Security

How secure is your data? Does your junior staff have access to confidential information that should only be accessed by senior management? By default, each user login has either standard or high assurance level. It’s important to have clearly defined policies to ensure that confidential information is only available to users with a high assurance level.

Another critical issue for your consideration is staff turnover. It’s an inevitable part of an organization’s business process. Former employees can be threats to the overall security of your Salesforce solution. How many people who are no longer working for your company still have login access to Salesforce?

Security has to be one of the top priorities. Employees should be well trained and there should be a company culture that stresses the importance of keeping confidential information protected.

Technology review

Salesforce is constantly developing and enhancing its functionality. New features appear in every release. If your Salesforce solution is older than two years, it’s already outdated and you should consider an upgrade.

What do we offer?

Our experienced Salesforce consultants conduct a thorough review of your system. As a result, you get a detailed report of Salesforce vulnerabilities along with steps to correct them and best practices to improve system efficiency as well as reduce overall costs.

Contact us right now to get more details!

Linkedin_circle.svg_ Text by Nickolay Zenko,

Salesforce Technical Consultant