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What Salesforce can do for the Travel and Logistics Industry

February 2, 2017

As you probably already know, Salesforce is jam-packed with tools, solutions and applications for various business needs. Today we investigate the particular Salesforce solutions that can benefit the travel and logistics industry.


Community Cloud

Community Cloud is designed to help companies stay in touch with their customers. With the Salesforce Community, you can create a niche travel community to effectively communicate with customers and partners and even share travel documents. Community Cloud can help travel providers reduce customer uncertainty and stress by providing real time information about their arrangements, such as schedule changes or flight cancellations.


Facebook Integration

As people spend more and more time on their mobile devices, facebook-76536_640companies need a plan to communicate with their customers based on their preferences. Facebook is one way to reach these customers.

First, let’s talk about client support via Facebook. Connecting Facebook Messenger to your Service Cloud can have a great impact on business. Your agents can support clients by providing information on flight/delivery delay, send e-tickets/order details, share delivery updates, or upsell. This integration opens a whole new world of opportunities and increases customer retention rate.

Secondly, ad campaigns on Facebook can be your secret weapon in delivering personalized service. With Facebook Dynamic Ads, you will be able to show relevant offers to people who visited your website, used your app or showed interest in your business somewhere on the web.


Mobile Application

22The mobile application market continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. The majority of travelers use some type of mobile app to track flight delays, cancellations and even book hotel rooms.  

Let’s take the employee Travel Management app as an example. This app automates booking, estimates travel costs, and notifies the team traveling via Chatter, Workflow or Email. It’s perfect for quick approvals, tracking and expense management.

If your organization needs a more robust travel management application, you can create your own app, since Salesforce has enough power even for that.


Call Tracking

You probably already have a call center, but do you monitor the source of your calls? We’ve already talked about the importance of call tracking here. A phone call is one of the most powerful sources of leads. Without call tracking, you’re unable to see the sources that bring you traffic and which keywords and ad campaigns are successful. Call tracking gives you the detailed information you need to measure these important components of your overall marketing plan.


This is just a short list of what Salesforce can do for the travel and logistics industry. Drop us a line with your particular needs or requirements and we’ll be happy to help!

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