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What Should We Expect from Microsoft and Salesforce Partnership?

October 7, 2015

Today on IT market, Microsoft and Salesforce are two leading customer relationship management vendors. At CodeSWAT we provide services for both leading CRM clients. Following the latest news we would like to figure out if it does make sense for both giants to be rivals today and what can we get from their partnership?

What Salesforce and Microsoft announced at Dreamforce 2015

According to the Microsoft News last Sept. 16, 2015 at DREAMFORCE 2015 in SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Microsoft and Salesforce announced crucial plans to extend their partnership to connect the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to Microsoft Office productivity apps and services. The priority plan of the two leaders is to deliver new solutions that integrate Salesforce with Skype for Business, OneNote, Delve and Windows 10 to enable companies to relate with their customers more completely.

Solutions provided by the two CRM giants to bring customers more productivity

Skype for Business Integration with Salesforce Lightning Experience: Salesforce will integrate Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync) into its new Lightning Experience. Office 365 customers will be able to use Skype for Business as they used the product before integration. A preview is planned for release in the second half of 2016.

OneNote Integration with Salesforce Lightning Experience: Users will be able to use OneNote as usual from the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Salesforce Integration with Office Graph and Office Delve: Office 365 users will be able to view and discover Salesforce content in Office Delve sales opportunities, customer accounts and service cases.

Salesforce1 Mobile App for Windows 10: Salesforce will deliver a Windows 10 app to empower sales teams to move deals forward while on the go, using their favorite Windows device. (info source: Microsoft News Center)

Note: A preview of all features is planned to be released in the second half of 2016.
– Building New Integrations
– Salesforce Files Connect integration with SharePoint and OneDrive for Business
– Salesforce Wave Connector for Excel
– Salesforce integration with Power Query for Excel
– Salesforce Mobile SDK for Windows
– Salesforce1 for Windows 8.1 Phone Preview
– Power BI for Office 365 integration with Salesforce

Where can you learn more about partnership?

Resources: The oficial service page on Salesforce website dedicated for Microsoft


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We have analysed the most important features that Salesforce and Microsoft has announced. As a team of Salesforce and Microsoft professionals, we think that any product should constantly develop and much of this progress has to do with simplifying our work as CRM users.

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